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    Balance Profile Beverly Hills | Los Angeles

    Profile refinement is one of the most common reasons patients seek consultation for Rhinoplasty. Emphasis on creating a natural-appearing, balanced profile demands a methodic facial analysis and an eye for aesthetic beauty.

    The two most important landmarks two evaluate a patient’s profile are the nose and the chin. These two critical facial landmarks need to be brought into accurate balance in order to achieve a truly balanced profile and facial harmony. These two components need to be properly evaluated and individually classified as either over-projected, under- projected or already in appropriate balance. If this is not done appropriately, the profile of the nose can be made to small in order to compensate for a weak chin or a chin can be made too large in order to compensate for a strong nose.

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    The true art of perfecting the facial profile is to bring all facial features into absolute balance; only then can true facial harmony be achieved. It is truly up to the eye of the surgeon to determine the appropriate reduction/enhancement of each individual feature in order to achieve a balanced, aesthetically beautiful prolife and therefore it is critical to choose your Rhinoplasty surgery very carefully. In this section entitled “balanced Profile” you will be able to view patients that have previously undergone surgically procedures to balance their profile that typically includes a Rhinoplasty combined with placement of a chin implant (chin augmentation).

    If you visit the online consultation section of the website you can submit photographs to Dr Motykie for a more personal evaluation of your own profile. Dr Motykie will evaluate your photographs and personally email you back with an altered photograph that will show you what your own profile could look like after surgery.

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    Please remember that rhinoplasty is one of the most elegant and complex operations that plastic surgeons perform. Remarkable results can be achieved through a combination of surgical skill, good communication and use of the most advanced surgical techniques. Dr. Motykie customizes each rhinoplasty based upon your unique anatomical features, facial structure and personal desires. His goal is to give every patient a natural appearing nose that embodies beauty, elegance and true facial harmony.

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