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    Dermal Fillers

    Restore Youthful Facial Contours with Next-Generation Injectable Dermal Fillers!

    Injectable dermal fillers are designed to enhance the shape and contours of the face and cheeks, thereby revitalizing the appearance of the entire face.

    Dermal fillers have become increasingly sought after treatments over the past five years for a number of reasons:

    • They are non-invasive (non-surgical) treatments, allowing for convenient scheduling options for busy patients
    • They cause minimal discomfort, and require little (if any downtime)
    • Despite their non-invasive nature, dermal fillers are still able to consistently and effectively minimize the appearance of the most common and troublesome visible signs of facial aging, which typically develop as a result of the natural aging process, genetics, and/or lifestyle/environmental factors.
    • By restoring volume and youthful fullness to the facial contours, dermal fillers serve as a countermeasure to the depletion of facial volume, an unwelcome aesthetic development that can give the face a gaunt, tired, or aged appearance.
    • Neuromodulators (i.e. Botox®, Dysport®) improve the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles by paralyzing the facial muscles. Dermal fillers achieve this same skin-smoothing effect by filling in prominent folds, scars, creases, and line to create a youthfully full, rejuvenated facial appearance. If administered correctly, by a properly trained professional, dermal fillers can sometimes create a more subtle, natural look than can be achieved with treatments in the neuromodulator category. Dermal fillers can also be performed in conjunction with neuromodulators for a more comprehensive facial rejuvenation—a technique commonly referred to as a “liquid facelift.”
    • Dermal fillers are often an excellent choice for patients who wish to augment or otherwise enhance the size, shape, and fullness of their lips.
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    Choosing the Right Dermal Filler(s)

    With an ever-growing number of dermal filler options available today, choosing the right filler(s) to achieve your cosmetic goals can feel very overwhelming. Under the tutelage and direct supervision of Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie, the skillful aesthetic medicine specialists at Motykie Medical Spa will take the necessary time to explain the differences between the fillers we offer, as well as the distinctive benefits each of our fillers provides. We will help you to select the optimal filler (or combination of fillers) for your specific skin type and cosmetic goals.

    Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie is pleased to offer the following advanced dermal filler options for patients seeking to restore depleted facial volume and enhance the contours of their face without undergoing invasive facial surgery:

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