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    Tummy Tuck Surgery Alternatives

    Tummy Tuck Surgery Alternatives

    Tummy Tuck Surgery AlternativesWe are bombarded with images of flat abdominals through all possible channels of advertising. It is difficult to not pay attention to the sculpted and gorgeous abdominals that is not only a symbol of vanity but indicates youth and good health too.

    What are the different ways of getting washboard abdominals?

    Dieting, exercise and a combination of both can help achieve people their desired abdominal muscles. There are plastic surgery options like tummy tuck and body contouring that can help achieve flat abdominals too.

    How do I know which option is right for me?

    Dr. Gary Motykie, who is a cosmetic surgeon and works out of Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Los Angeles, can help you determine the right option for you post a physical check up. Dr. Motykie’s clinic also offers online consultation for patients with really tight schedules.

    Can I not just diet and exercise and get my dream abs?

    Of course exercise and dieting are the first options that anyone must try to lose overall body fat and stomach flab. It becomes slightly problematic when people get impatient with these methods because they require time and patience. Also, stretch marks, saggy skin and fat pouches are difficult to get rid of just with exercise and diet.

    How do I get rid of saggy flab?

    Cosmetic surgery options allow body sculpting through abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. Abdomen comprises skin, fat and muscle cells. All these components can be distorted and stretched due to sudden weight gain and weight loss. In women pregnancy can also lead to loosening of abdominal muscles. Tummy tuck can help restore abdominal muscles to their original shape by removing excess of fat and skin. Regular weight loss methods may tighten the muscles but they cannot help skin retain its elasticity.

    Doesn’t tummy tuck involve going under the knife? I am afraid, do I have alternatives?

    Surgical intervention is only needed when you have tried everything else and it hasn’t worked in your favor. Yes abdominoplasty involves going under the knife but it is a safe procedure and over the years it has become highly specialized and the recovery time of the patient has reduced by half. However, if you are looking for alternatives the you can always check out laser liposuction procedure, ultrasound cavitation, lipdissolve, and thermage.

    Laser Liposuction: it is a laparoscopic procedure and involves minimal incisions to suck the fat out. It is a safe procedure, the recovery time is less and it can cost less than traditional tummy tuck surgery.

    Ultrasound Cavitation: this method uses ultrasound technology to shrink fat in the fat cells without harming the system. It is a noninvasive procedure.

    Lipodissolve: as the name suggests, injections containing special enzymes can be injected at the site of fat deposit to melt the fat. This is useful to target based fat loss

    Thermage: this treatment enhances collagen production to firm the skin and melt unwanted fat. It is recommended for people with loose skin.

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