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    Mommy MakeoverPregnancy is not only a life changing experience; it is also a “body-changing“ experience.  The rapid weight changes, the peaks and valleys of hormones, the stress of delivery and the effects of breast-feeding can all wreak havoc on a woman’s body. The most common complaints are weight gain, abdominal stretch marks and droopy, deflated breasts. Unfortunately, once these changes have occurred, it’s difficult for women to get their pre-baby bodies back through weight loss and exercise alone.  Many women therefore look to plastic surgery to improve their bodies and get back their “pre-baby” bodies. The procedures generally include a combination of breast and body contouring surgeries that have been coined a “Mommy Makeover.” These procedures are described below along with the typical pre- and post-operative course for a Mommy Makeover.

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    As the abdomen expands to accommodate the baby during pregnancy, stretch marks and excess skin may result along with weakening of the abdominal muscles. Once this happens, the abdomen can develop a “pooch” and appear “flabbier.”  An abdominoplasty (i.e. tummy tuck), can restore a flat and toned tummy by removing excess skin and tightening the abdominal muscles.

    Many women also become unhappy with the shape and size of their breasts after pregnancy because the breasts tend to lose their former “perk” and can appear “deflated.”  When this happens, there are several types of breast surgery available that can restore a natural and fuller shape to the breasts.  For women that have simply lost volume in the breasts, a breast augmentation offers a solution to restore fullness and shape to the breasts with minimal scarring.  For women that have large breasts that have become saggy after pregnancy, a breast lift (mastopexy) is often necessary to restore a more youthful shape to the breasts.   If the breasts have become both deflated and saggy, the corrective surgery is most likely a breast lift with placement of breast implants.  In all cases, the goal of surgery is to return youthful fullness and shape to the breasts that was lost due to childbirth and/or breastfeeding.

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    If leftover “baby weight” almost anywhere on the body is the problem after pregnancy, liposuction is an excellent and effective option to remove stubborn fat pockets that will not respond to a healthy diet and exercise.   The most common target areas are the abdomen, waist and thighs. As long as the skin of these areas has not been damaged, liposuction can safely and effectively reduce any trouble area that will not disappear six months after childbirth. Often times, the fat removed by liposuction can be purified and re-injected into the buttocks in order to give them more fullness and lift. This procedure is called a Brazilian butt augmentation/lift and it is becoming more popular due to its effectiveness and ease of recovery.

    A Mommy Makeover is a strategic combination of these above body contouring procedures that is specifically designed to help women return to the bodies they enjoyed before having children.  The core elements of a Mommy Makeover typically include a combination of breast augmentation/lifting, abdominoplasty and liposuction. By having all three types of procedures performed together, a stunning and dramatic result can be achieved while reducing overall surgery costs and recovery time.  Please continue to read further in order to learn more about how a Mommy Makeover can dramatically reverse the effects that pregnancy may have had on your own body as well as learn about how to possibly schedule a personal consultation with Dr Motykie.

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