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    Smart Graft Hair Restoration Now Offered

    Smart Graft Hair Restoration Now OfferedUntil now hair restoration would typically involve a major hair transplant surgery. Even the newer follicular unit extraction (FUE) techniques are mostly inadequate and in developmental stages. Now both men and women can achieve hair restoration with an innovative technique called SmartGraft that does not involve the scalpel.

    Leading cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie is offering SmartGraft state of the art hair restoration technology. Dr. Motykie provides both plastic surgery as well as non-surgical aesthetic procedure to his patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities. Now patients can also receive SmartGraft minimally invasive hair restoration at his practice.



    Some of the key benefits of SmartGraft hair restoration procedure include the following:

    • Technology developed by medical experts and scientists.
    • No involvement of the scalpel.
    • In-office procedure.
    • Recovery period is one or two days.
    • Virtually no pain or discomfort involved.
    • Natural hair re-growth.
    • Permanent results.


    Other distinguishing features of SmartGraft that set it apart from the usual hair restoration techniques include superior precision. Hair grafts are extracted, counted and separated more precisely and gently, and placed into an environmentally controlled holding container until implantation. The counting, sorting, storing and moistening of the hair grafts is fully automated, which cuts down the procedure time by one-third.

    Implanting of hair graft is performed more quickly, which enhances their success rate and the patient can achieve thicker, more natural and permanent results. As an experienced cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Motykie provides a wide range of plastic surgery as well as non-invasive procedures, including SmartGraft. He receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby reas.



    SmartGraft procedure does not require general anesthesia, but in most cases, the treatment provider may give a mild sedative to keep the patient relaxed. An assistant will shave a small area at the back of the head. The area can be shaved in small sections to keep the procedure discreet, depending on the hair length.

    A local anesthetic will be applied to the targeted area. The treatment provider will use the SmartGraft device to gently remove the grafts from the donor area. The device will enable immediate collection, sorting, counting and storing of each graft in a sterile environment prior to implantation.

    Once all the grafts have been collected, the implantation site is prepared and local anesthetic is applied. The treatment provider will create tiny strategic openings for the grafts to be implanted. The density, angle, and placement of each graft will determine how effective and natural looking the results turn out to be. The entire procedure can be completed in about five to six hours on average.



    Following a brief rest period at the provider’s office, the patient will be ready to go home. The treatment expert will give recovery instruction and how to care for the newly transplanted hair. Most patients will be in a position to return to work the next day and within a few days resume their regular routine, including exercise and playing in some sports as well.


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    Smart Graft Hair Restoration Now Offered

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