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    How Long Do Pectoral Implants Last?

    Pectoral Implants

    How Long Do Pectoral Implants Last?The demand for pectoral implants surgery has been on the rise in recent years. Men desiring well-developed chest muscles realize that they cannot attain the results they want with rigorous diets and strenuous workouts. Pectoral implants are designed to help these men achieve their goals.

    Pec implant cosmetic surgery involves placement of a solid silicone implant to create a masculine and sculpted chest. It is an aesthetic procedure in which the implant is inserted under the chest muscle.

    Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie provides pectoral implants surgery to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities.

    Pectoral Implants are Long Lasting

    Pec implants and breast implants are different. Pectoral implants are solid with a life expectancy lasting 20 years. You won’t need to change them if there is no problem. The implants in many cases may last a lifetime. You would need to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle if you want to experience long lasting results.

    Patients are advised to return to their plastic surgeon’s office for follow-ups at prescribed times. This holds true even if you notice any changes in the way your chest appears.

    Facts to Know About Pectoral Implants

    Pectoral Implants Are Available in Varying Sizes

    Implants for men as with women come in different shapes and sizes. However, you shouldn’t choose implants that are too big or small since the results would appear fake in that case. This is why only the best surgeons should be used for performing the procedure.

    Skilled plastic surgeons can provide you with a natural looking chest. The results in most cases are similar to those spending all their time in the gym.

    Pectoral Implants are Not Just for a Muscular Appearing Chest

    Chest definition and muscle tone can be difficult to achieve in certain body types. This is not because of a lack of exercise or working out. For instance, men suffering from Poland’s Syndrome can consider pectoral augmentation. Cancer patients may benefit from the procedure as well after getting a chest reconstruction. Pectoral augmentation is a safe procedure for creating bulk in the chest area.

    Pectoral Etching Combines Liposuction with Implants

    Pectoral etching may be recommended by your surgeon for better results. This means combining liposuction with pectoral implants in simple terms. The surgeon will make use of the liposuction plastic surgery technique for removing extra pockets of fat from the chest area. The surgeon may do this to provide more definition to your chest. You should know that every patient is different and pectoral etching may not be required in all instances.

    Complications in Pectoral Implant Surgery are Rare

    Pectoral augmentation involves the same degree of risk and complications as other procedures. This makes it important to choose your surgeon well. Experienced surgeons may be able to prevent complications. You can take proactive steps to reduce the chances of complications. For instance, smoking can slow down your healing during the recovery period.

    Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for pec implants surgery.

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