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    Types of Liposuction

    Types of LiposuctionVarious liposuction cosmetic surgery techniques are available to the surgeons today. The primary difference between each liposuction technique is the technology involved to achieve safe fat removal.

    Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie provides liposuction body contouring to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and surrounding communities.


    Tumescent Liposuction

    Tumescent liposuction is generally performed as an outpatient procedure using only local anesthesia and sedation. The time taken for the surgery may differ depending on the extent of fat removal, surgical technique used, and the number of treatment areas involved.

    The surgeon commences the procedure by placing a tiny incision in the treatment area. They will then insert a thin cannula through to incision to access the deeper layers of fat.

    Subsequently, the surgeon will gently move the cannula back and forth to dislodge the fat cells. After the fat cells come loose, the surgeon will use a syringe or vacuum pump attached to the outer end of the cannula to suction them out.

    During this plastic surgery procedure, the patient will experience some loss of blood and fluid. The fluids will be replaced with UV infusions during and right after the surgery.


    Laser Assisted Liposuction (Smart Lipo)

    Smart Lipo is a laser-assisted system of lipolysis that enables patients to accomplish skin tightening and fat reduction in a minimally invasive way.

    The system has been developed to tighten underlying loose tissue and dislodge unwanted fat cells with precise laser energy. Today, many cosmetic surgeons are using this technology as an appropriate supplement to liposuction in order to decrease the treatment’s invasiveness and achieve more effective outcomes.

    Liposuction surgery aims to reduce localized fatty deposits from the face and body. Smart Lipo is an excellent adjunct to this process as a laser-assisted technique that will coagulate blood vessels in a safe manner and attain desired results with less bruising and bleeding than liposuction alone.  


    Why Choose Smart Lipo?

    Smart Lipo offers patients the following benefits:

    • The treatment is minimally invasive
    • Several clinical studies have proven the safety of the procedure
    • It treats targeted areas of undesirable fat
    • It accomplishes skin tightening by encouraging coagulation of blood vessels
    • It causes less bruising and bleeding in comparison to liposuction alone
    • The downtime is much less than a standard surgery
    • The patient experiences less pain and trauma
    • Highly fibrous regions can be addressed more conveniently
    • Outcomes are more predictable, reproducible, and consistent


    Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction

    This technique is based on ultrasound energy which helps disintegrate the fatty tissue and loosen it from the body. This allows for more convenient removal of substantial amounts of fat with a shorter surgical procedure. VASER Liposelection is a variation of this technique.


    Suction Assisted Liposuction

    In this technique, the surgeon uses a vacuum-like device to eliminate fat. Power Assisted Liposuction is also a similar technique that involves the use of a tool that enhances the movement of the cannula used to eliminate fat.

    The outcomes of liposuction surgery ultimately depend on the skills of the surgeon rather than the technique used. Patients should invest time in choosing an experienced board certified plastic surgeon who will place the utmost importance on patient safety.

    Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and nearby areas for liposuction body contouring.


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    Types of Liposuction

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