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    Pectoral Implants Before And After Photos

    Pectoral Implants

    Pectoral Implants Before And After PhotosMen don’t need to rely solely on body building programs for enhancing their pectoral muscles. They can now get a pectoral implant surgery.

    You may be an ideal candidate for male breast implants if your chests don’t seem to respond to exercise regardless of the number of dips, presses and push-ups you do. Pectoral implants go a long way in building chests of people with Poland’s syndrome. Chest muscles are lacking on one side of the body in this disorder.

    However, you would need to undergo a process of consultation and preparation before implants can be surgically inserted in the chest area. This is necessary to get you ready for surgery.

    Your surgeon during the pre-operative consultation may share before and after photos of pectoral implants. This will help you attain a deep insight on how the surgery will impact your upper body. It will also allow you to understand the limitations of the procedure.

    Make sure to participate proactively in the consultation process, and review as many before and after pictures as possible. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie provides pectoral implants surgery to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.

    Visual Evidence Is Vital

    Cosmetic surgeons present pectoral implants before and after images sometimes at the beginning of the consultation since it serves the purpose of strong visual evidence. It helps in showing the kind of results possible with the surgery.

    You will attain a clear understanding of your surgeon’s skills from the results acquired by other previous patients. Before and after images of pectoral implant surgery brings more transparency to the consultation. It also provides more productive results to the meeting.

    Patients can visualize the way a certain procedure may work on them by reviewing before and after images. It also helps them attain more confidence for making a decisive choice. If a surgery worked well on other patients chances are that the surgery would work well on you as well.

    This is where transparency is a key factor and one of the main reasons Dr. Motykie is successful is because he builds rapport and trust with his patients.

    Pictures Speak Volumes

    Dedicated surgeons tend to educate their patients on all aspects of a particular plastic surgery. Your surgeon will answer all your questions on pec implants cosmetic surgery during the initial consultation. Sometimes, words may not be enough or they may be interpreted differently. This is where pec implant before and after images come in useful. They don’t leave any scope for confusion or misunderstanding.

    Pictures don’t suffer from the same barriers of language as words. Patients are in a much better position to understand expected outcomes. This allows them to make informed decisions. You should choose a surgeon with an outstanding reputation and integrity who doesn’t stoop to photo-shopping images.

    Now these images are not currently found on the site, but this does not mean a section cannot be made for this category in a few hours. Right now you need to set a consultation date to see these images which is not a huge set back because a consultation is mandatory anyhow. This clinic sets the bar pretty high when it comes to patient/surgeon rapport. This clinic wants the patient to be content regardless on the decision they make.

    Posting on Social Media

    Patients today are highly social media savvy. Almost everybody is on Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Plastic surgeons can increase their engagement and reach by publishing pec implant before and after images on social media platforms. This can be done while protecting patient confidentiality and maintaining norms of discreetness.

    Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for pec implants surgery.

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