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    Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Procedures: Ethnic Rhinoplasty

    Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Procedures: Ethnic RhinoplastyCertain aesthetic features are specific to a particular ethnicity. Every member of a specific race does not share these characteristics. However, at times, people who share these ethnic features choose to undergo plastic surgery to modify these characteristics.

    Rhinoplasty is a popular treatment among patients whose race-related characteristics include a broad nose. People with Asian and African heritage usually consider nose reshaping surgery to reduce the wide appearance of their nostrils.


    The Big Picture

    It is vital that the surgeon follows a customized surgical approach to address the unique anatomical and aesthetic needs of ethnic noses. They should not modify the nasal appearance to a point where it entirely changes an individual’s appearance.

    Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie provides rhinoplasty to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities.


    Enhancing the Appearance of the Nose in Ethnic Patients

    In ethnic rhinoplasty, the nose surgeon surgically modifies the nose to create a shape that is more harmonious and proportionate to the other facial features of the patient without altering their appearance in a drastic manner.

    Rhinoplasty on Asian, African American, and Hispanic patients should take into account the different internal and external characteristics of the ethnic nose.

    An experienced and skilled ethnic nose surgeon will determine whether the nose requires major changes to the internal structures to improve its external appearance and attain an aesthetically desirable appearance.

    The ethnic nose requires special attention due to its distinct characteristics. For instance, African American, Asian, and Hispanic patients usually have rounder, fuller, and less protruding nasal tips.

    These patients may be seeking to lengthen and refine the nose tip to enable it to appear narrower and taller. In addition, ethnic rhinoplasty can also modify excessively wide or flared nostrils.


    Ethnic Rhinoplasty Techniques

    Ethnic rhinoplasty involves the plastic surgeon using specialized techniques such as modifying the cartilage and bone shape inside the nose, making the nostrils narrower or sourcing cartilage from other regions of the body for grafting to develop a longer nasal tip.

    Some surgeons choose to use synthetic implants due to their ease of placement. But in some cases, they can only use the patient’s own cartilage for safe and predictable outcomes. This also reduces the risk of complications, and migration or extrusion typically associated with synthetic implants.

    Patients from Middle Eastern ethnicity often choose nose reshaping surgery to reduce the nasal hump, refine the nose tip, and attain a nose shape that is more proportional to other facial characteristics.

    Candidates of African American descent seek nose surgery to refine a wide nose bridge, narrow wide nostrils, and develop a weak nose tip by using a cartilage graft sourced from another area of the body.

    Hispanic patients may consider rhinoplasty to reduce the size of a very prominent nose bridge. On the other hand, they may require a stronger facial profile which can be achieved by augmenting a very flat nose. The cosmetic surgeon will refine a full or thick nasal tip to restore the focus on the other facial features of the patient.


    Conservative Approach

    It is important for the surgeon to develop a conservative surgical plan for ethnic rhinoplasty patients. This procedure should preserve the features that give an individual their uniqueness and distinctiveness and not comprise ethnic legacy. Ethnic rhinoplasty should only subtly enhance the natural beauty of the patient.

    Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for rhinoplasty.

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    Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Procedures: Ethnic Rhinoplasty

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