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Body Lift Procedure Steps

People with significantly sagging skin in specific areas of the body can benefit from body lift plastic surgery. This condition may occur due to aging or after a pregnancy or a major weight loss. A few key steps are involved in the body lift surgery, which may slightly vary depending on whether upper body, lower … Continue reading

How long does it take to recover after a body lift?

Sagging skin and tissue in the lower and upper body areas can be tightened to restore a younger looking figure with body lift plastic surgery. Recovery is a vital aspect of the body lift surgery, and patients should have the commitment to go through the recovery process as per the surgeon’s guidelines. Instructions for recovery … Continue reading

Body Lift Before and After Pictures

A body lift is a popular body contouring plastic surgery procedure to enhance the appearance of lower or upper body areas or both. At the time of pre-operative consultation, the surgeon will educate the patient about various aspects of body lift surgery, and may also present body lift before and after photographs. The first concern … Continue reading

How much does a Body Lift Cost?

A body lift is a customizable plastic surgery procedure to improve contours in the upper, lower, or mid body, or may be combined for overall body lift. The costs of the procedure will vary according to the patient’s cosmetic needs and the extent of surgery required. Dr. Gary Motykie is a dedicated cosmetic surgeon providing … Continue reading

Top Plastic Surgery Procedures for Women and Men

Innovations in plastic surgery techniques over the years have created new possibilities for millions of people to achieve their desired physical look and boost their self-image and self-esteem. The popularity of both invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures has grown dramatically in recent decades in the US. However, some procedures have stood the test of time … Continue reading

Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas by Los Angeles Confidential – Motykie Med Spa is #1

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Perfect for the Quintessential LA Dad From custom shoes to a rejuvenating spa day, we’ve rounded up the top luxurious items and experiences to surprise dad with this Father’s Day. The Gift of Rejuvenated Skin & Hair With Motykie Med Spa In recent years, an increased number of men have been … Continue reading

What is a Body Lift?

Body lift is a comprehensive body contouring plastic surgery procedure aimed at improving the tone and shape of the underlying loose or weak tissue that supports the skin and fat. Body lift surgery will help to remove the excess skin and fat and restore a smoother look in one or more areas of the body … Continue reading

Your Arm Lift Surgery Consultation

Consultation for arm lift plastic surgery will provide the roadmap for how the procedure will be performed, including the surgical technique to be used, the type of anesthesia, the choice of operating venue, the pre- and post-operative care instructions, and the costs, financing, and other practice aspects of the surgery. The patient should get pro-actively … Continue reading

How to Choose the Best Arm Lift Surgeon?

Arm lift is a popular body contouring plastic surgery to create tighter and smoother skin in the upper arms and restore a more youthful appearance to that area. To achieve predictable and desirable outcomes with an arm lift, the patient should carefully select the plastic surgeon who has the right training and experience to perform … Continue reading

Questions to Ask your Arm Lift Plastic Surgeon

Excessive loose skin in the upper arm area is a common problem, which can create an unsightly appearance. Arm lift plastic surgery is a safe, proven and effective procedure to restore a firmer and more youthful look of the arms. During the consultation for arm lift, the patient will have an opportunity to ask questions … Continue reading

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