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    The Brazilian Butt Lift

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     Brazilian Butt LiftFor several decades, women have requested buttock enhancement to fulfill their desire for a curvier backside. In the past, the most common procedure was the insertion of an implant into the buttocks that was similar to the modern breast implant. This surgery carried a high risk of complications and infections, and thus buttock implants never gained mainstream popularity.

    Luckily, a new alternative has been championed over the last several years known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. This procedure involves modern liposuction technology and techniques that transfer a patient’s own fat to their buttock area. In essence, a Brazilian Butt Lift consists of two procedures in one: liposuction and fat grafting to the buttock.

    The Brazilian Butt Lift is therefore a “two-for-one” procedure because it enables both body contouring through removal of fat from unwanted areas of the body while also adding significant volume to the buttocks. Dr. Motykie has been performing fat grafting techniques for many years and he has perfected his own Brazilian Butt Lift technique. See Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After Photos

    What is the Procedure?

    The surgery takes approximately two to three hours. The first part of the surgery is liposuction to harvest fat for unwanted “trouble” areas such as the thighs and stomach.  Dr. Motykie uses the latest liposuction technology that preserves the survival of the fat. The fat is then purified and prepared for re-injection I to the buttocks. Therefore, the areas where the fat is removed will become slimmer and your buttocks will be augmented and lifted.

    Typically, it is estimated that 70 to 80 percent of the fat cells injected into the buttocks will survive if the fat is removed properly and re-injected by an experienced surgeon that is using modern techniques. Due to these high survival rates, the fat cells will thrive long-term in Dr Motykie’s patients. The final results of the fat grafting procedure can usually be seen within three months after surgery during which time the definition and final shape of the buttocks will begin to appear.

    Will Exercise Ruin my New Buttocks?

    Dr. Motykie specifically targets and removes fat cells from stubborn areas of the body where losing fat is typically difficult for the patient. Surgeons refer to these fat cells as having “institutional memory” because they are resilient to dieting and have higher survival rates when transferred to a different area on the same body.  In other words, fat cells that are transferred from stubborn “trouble” areas will still think they are in the thighs or waist even though they have been transferred to the buttocks. These “grafted” fat cells remain “stubborn” and maintain their volume long-term. Therefore, if you exercise on a regular basis you can still lose weight and tone other areas of the body without jeopardizing your new curvy backside.

    What Should I Expect During Recovery?

    Dr. Motykie recommends a recovery time of about two to three weeks following a Brazilian Butt Lift during which time he asks his patients to refrain from sitting on the fat grafting for excessive amounts of time as well as avoiding “fat burning” exercises.  Patients are given a compressive garment to wear for several weeks after surgery in order to help reduce swelling and bruising. Bruising usually disappears sometime in the first several weeks following surgery but the swelling takes approximately several months to subside completely. During recovery, the buttocks will continue to “shape-up” while the areas where liposuction was performed will continue to shrink along with the resolution of post-operative swelling.

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