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    What Being a ASPS Membership Means

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    The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is the world’s largest plastic surgery specialty organization. Established in 1931, the organization represents 94% of all board certified plastic surgeons in the United States, and over a thousand plastic surgeons internationally. Each of the board certified plastic surgeons has obtained at least five years of surgical training, including a minimum of two years specifically in the specialty area of plastic surgery.

    Mission of ASPS

    As a leading plastic and reconstructive surgery authority of international standing, the ASPS has pursued a mission to promote quality care to plastic surgery patients. It encourages the highest standards of training, ethics, professional practice and research in plastic surgery. One of the key goals of the Society is to advance patient safety. It requires its members to operated in accredited surgical facilities that have cleared stringent reviews of equipment and personnel.

    The decision to undergo plastic surgery is an important and serious step in anyone’s life. Plastic surgery is about more than enhancing aesthetics, it is also about rebuilding lives. Determining whether your plastic surgeon is board certified, like Dr. Motykie is, by The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) is a critical first step in ensuring both safety and satisfaction with your procedure.

    Core Value

    The core value of the ASPS embodies excellence in plastic surgery through training, education, research, professional engagement and exchange, and promoting team spirit in the specialty of plastic surgery.

    ASPS is recognized as the pre-eminent voice of plastic surgery by the people, industry and government. It supports its members in a variety of ways and builds superior competencies through educational forums and the development of guidelines and products to strengthen the profession.

    The Plastic Surgery Foundation

    Founded in 1948, the Plastic Surgery Foundation (PSF) is geared to provide critical access and support to the ASPS members for research, educational programs and opportunities, international outreach, and resources and technology to help them in their goal of better serving the needs of the patients.

    Benefits of ASPS Membership

    The indispensable features and benefits of becoming a member of the ASPS include the following:

    Plastic Surgery Education Campaign (PSEC)

    This is an award-winning national advertising and TV campaign that promotes member plastic surgeons through the ASPS Referral Service as the best choice when considering a plastic surgery procedure.


    This is a multi-pronged effort on key issues such as Medicare payment and scope of practice, tort reform, and communicating the message of plastic surgery community to the government, payers and organized medicine.

    Award-winning Publications

    The ASPS members are privileged to receive “Plastic Surgery News” and “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,” the official scientific journals of the Society.

    ASPS Website

    The ASPS website at is a valuable information resource for millions of potential patients seeking cosmetic and reconstructive surgery or looking for a suitable board certified plastic surgeon.

    Members-Only Website Content

    This exclusive service provides privileged information and content to a network of over 5,000 members. The members can discuss clinical and practice management concerns, buy products, update CME records, and research a reservoir of information on plastic surgery.

    Plastic Surgery Annual Meeting

    The annual meeting of the ASPS members offers a premier educational experience. It includes a packed curriculum of clinical and practice management courses, instructional courses, keynote lectures, and panel discussions. The meeting is surrounded by the biggest trade exhibit for the plastic surgery specialty.

    The ASPS is the essential partner in the practice of plastic surgery for board certified plastic surgeons in the US.