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    Not all Surgery Centers are Created Equal

    Where should you have your plastic surgery procedure performed?

    Not all surgeries should be performed in a hospital. In fact, the majority of elective plastic surgery procedures are performed in an office-based facility. If your surgeon is going to perform your procedure in one of these types of facilities, you should check at least the following in order to make sure your surgery is being performed in a state-regulated, safe surgical facility.
    1.    The Facility: Where your surgical procedure is going to be performed should be accredited and in good standing with at least one of the major accredited organizations.
    a.    AAAASF (
    b.    JCAHO (
    c.    AAAHC (

    2.    Accreditation Standards:
    a.    The medical staff must meet strict qualification standards
    b.    The surgery center must pass regular inspections for safety,  sterility  and record-keeping
    c.    The surgery center must pass a peer-reviewed quality-assessment inspection
    d.    The surgery center must meet certain guidelines set forth for emergency equipment and the staff must be trained in advanced cardiac life support and lifesaving protocols

    Remember, hospitals are big, expensive and literally full of sick people. They are therefore NOT the ideal place to have elective, plastic surgery. An office based surgery center offers privacy, comfort, quality staff and quality care. Surgery centers are also privately owned and operated so that they are typically run much more efficiently and the savings can therefore be passed onto you in the form of less fees and cost.  Once you have confirmed the safety of your facility by checking its accreditation online, you can enjoy the more streamlined and pleasant experience of having your surgery performed in an outpatient surgery center.

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