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    How Long Does Juvederm Voluma Last?

    How Long Does Juvederm Voluma Last?How Long Does Juvederm Voluma Last?

    Scientific innovation has been brought new and exciting non-invasive approaches to age relief. For those shy of going under the knife or who would rather avoid plastic surgery, face fillers are the next best option. A popular choice among non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment options, facial fillers provide immediate results with no experience of downtime by any means.

    FDA approved injectable dermal fillers are readily recommended at Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Los Angeles Medical Spas. Inconspicuous facial injectable Juveraderm Voluma is a sophisticated procedure practiced at Dr. Gary Motykie at his med spa.

    Juvederm Voluma – Instant and effective

    Of all the features in a face, cheeks are areas where loss of volume, age lines and wrinkles are incredibly prominent. Easily noted as a feature element in facial rejuvenation, loss of volume in cheeks can be unobtrusively replenished in specially designed facial fillers.

    State of the art dermal filler, Juvederm Voluma adds instant volume to areas around the cheek. A first of its kind, this FDA approved facial filler shows instantaneous improvements to volume around the cheek. Injected directly and evenly to reduced areas near the cheeks, Juvederm Voluma stimulates natural collagen present under facial skin.

    While the injectable gel adds volume instantly, freshly replenished active collagen works toward developing and better sustaining elasticity and vibrancy in the skin.

    Longevity of Juvederm Voluma

    A majority of facial fillers used by dermatologists tend to remain effective for about 12 months at a time. With more often than not, best perceivable results till 8 months after initial treatment, where several patients get retreated to retain and prolong fullness found in regular facial fillers.

    Juvederm Voluma however is proven to exceed regular facial fillers by providing long and sustainable results. Various medical trials, studies, and wide-ranging positive patient feedback have proved Juvederm Voluma to show full lasting effects for up to 18 months, and longer.

    Prolonged results with Juvederm Voluma

    Propensity of this injectable propagates rehabilitative function through rejuvenation of natural collagen present in the skin. Natural production of collagen present in deep tissue layers of the skin, maintains facial vitality and natural buoyancy for prolonged periods. Some patients have reported positive effects of Juvederm Voluma to last around two years from initial treatment.

    Recover in no time with Juvederm Voluma and enjoy its long lasting deep tissue rejuvenation elements. Feel indispensably youthful again with an incredibly natural look that lasts longer with several additional benefits than regular facial fillers.

    Dr. Gary Motykie’s medical spa  is an advanced practice that covers a spectacular array of dermatological and cosmetic procedures to progressively fashionable patients. Expert practitioners of Juvederm Voluma treatments, cosmetic surgeons at Medical Spas treat people looking to enhance facial features through reduced efforts with impressive results.

    Regain the volume and fullness of your face brought on by growing age. Revive facial vigor and achieve smooth and toned facial contour once again with Juvederm Voluma injectable treatments provided at Motykie MedSpa. Patients in and around Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Los Angeles areas now have a fantastic choice in Juvederm Voluma.

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