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    How to Prepare For Brow Lift Surgery

    How to Prepare For Brow Lift SurgeryA brow lift is a plastic surgery procedure meant to mitigate the effects of aging restoring a more youthful brow contour by tightening the soft tissue. A detailed preparation before the surgery will enable the patient to achieve safe and aesthetically appealing outcomes.

    Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie provides forehead lift or brow lift surgery to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations. 

    Arranging Health Records 

    After a patient is established as a candidate for brow lift surgery, the surgeon will review their previous health records. In case the surgeon identifies any concerns, they may discuss with the doctor prior to going ahead with a brow lift or may alter the surgical plan to ensure complete patient safety.

    The patient should request their doctor, specialist, or hospital to send the previous health records directly to the surgeon’s office for evaluation during the initial consultation. 


    Diet and Exercise

    While brow lift is a relatively minor cosmetic surgery, the patient should focus on consuming a balanced diet and following a regular exercise plan prior to the procedure. 

    A healthy patient will be better mentally and physically equipped to cope with surgery and anesthesia as well as recover faster. The patient may increase their intake of lean proteins in consultation with a nutrition specialist for a specific duration before and after the procedure. 


    Avoiding Smoking and Alcohol

    The patient should honestly reveal their smoking and drinking habits to the surgeon during the pre-op consultation. The surgeon will ask the patient to discontinue smoking for a minimum of a few weeks before the brow lift procedure.

    Smoking can greatly increase the risk of complication and slow recovery. The patient may need to decreases alcohol consumption and completely avoid drinking at least 48 hours prior to the surgery.


    Adjusting Medication Schedule

    In case the patient routinely takes aspirin or another blood-thinner or anti-inflammatory medication, they will need to stop using them for a specified duration prior to the surgery. 

    Some vitamins, herbal supplements, or even prescription medicines may need to be discontinued in consultation with the prescribing doctor. The goal of the surgeon will be to minimize bleeding risks during and after the brow lift surgery. 


    Transportation and Aftercare

    A brow lift is typically undertaken as an outpatient procedure, and the patient should arrange beforehand for someone responsible to drive them back home following the procedure. They may also arrange for aftercare for a few days, especially if they have small children to look after at home. 


    Other Preparatory Suggestions

    • Drink plenty of water before and after the surgery
    • Fill all prescriptions before the surgery
    • Set up the recovery area at home beforehand
    • Keep extra pillows to raise the head
    • Prepare ice packs

    Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for forehead lift surgery. 


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