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    How Should You Prepare For Rhinoplasty?

    How Should You Prepare For Rhinoplasty?Rhinoplasty or nose job is performed for correcting or changing the shape of the nose. It can be carried out for cosmetic reasons for resolving breathing problems as well. Rhinoplasty involves making changes to the skin, bone, and cartilage of the nose. Reliable board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie provides nose reshaping surgery to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities.  

    Here are a few steps you should take to prepare for rhinoplasty. It will aid in quicker recovery and successful results. 

    A Week Before Rhinoplasty

    • You should get plenty of rest since your body needs the energy for healing from the surgery. This will set you up for the best healing results and comfortable recovery. 
    • You need to keep your skin clear and clean before the surgery. You should wash your face with a gentle cleanser at least twice a day. If you want, you can gently exfoliate every third day to get rid of dead skin. 
    • You should drink more water than usual in the days leading up to the procedure.
    • Plan ahead because you would need a ride home from the surgery center. Rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure. You would be kept in observation for a brief period until the effects of anesthesia are gone. It won’t be safe for you to drive. 
    • You should also get your medications ready, including cold compresses, flushes, and ointments.
    • It may take weeks before you fully recover from rhinoplasty and can resume a regular routine. You can make things easier on yourself by preparing meals in advance. This will allow you to focus on recovering and relaxing. 
    • Speak with your doctor about over-the-counter medications that may help with your pain and discomfort.
    • If you are a smoker, you should give up smoking for a few days before and after the procedure to prevent complications

    A Day Before the Surgery

    Your nose surgeon will explain the nose job plastic surgery procedure and make sure you understand all instructions completely. You would be asked to come to the surgery center at a certain time. These are a few things to keep in mind on the day before the cosmetic surgery: 

    • You should get a good night’s sleep on the day before the surgery.
    • Get your meals for the next few days ready.
    • Take care of all your appointments and chores.
    • Arrange for someone to take care of you for the next few days.
    • Make a recovery space where you can relax. Keep books, magazines, entertainment, water, food, and medicines within easy reach.

    The Day of Surgery

    • Don’t eat or drink anything on the morning of the surgery, including water. You may take essential medications with a sip of water. 
    • Wear loose fitting clothes that fasten in the front. Don’t wear slipover clothing. 
    • Don’t wear any jewelry and leave all valuables at home.
    • Don’t wear contact lenses.
    • Don’t wear any eye or facial make-up.
    • Leave your dentures in if you wear them.

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