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    Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery

    Dr Motykie is a board certified plastic surgeon, providing you with the highest level of training and expertise. He understands that good communication is essential in the planning of your rhinoplasty. There is often an attitude among the public that rhinoplasty surgery is simple, thus the common moniker “nose job.” Unfortunately, this can lead to some patients not doing enough homework/research before having the procedure performed by a surgeon that is not as experienced as they thought prior to surgery. This combination of events can have disastrous consequences on an otherwise healthy patient that originally wanted to have an elective procedure to feel better about themselves.

    Some of my most rewarding surgeries come from helping patients that have been disappointed by another surgeons work and wish to have a more realistic and beautiful result from surgery. Before a revision rhinoplasty can be performed however, it must first be determined what went wrong with the prior surgery and what can be done to prevent a similar outcome from revision surgery. An undesired outcome can be due to a poor technique performed elsewhere, inadequate commination between patient and surgeon and/or scar tissue formation in the nose. Some patients are simply underwhelmed by their original rhinoplasty surgery while others may feel that too much was done to their nose which has made it look strange or appear unnatural. If you desire a possible revision rhinoplasty, you should not rush in to another surgery following your initial operation since the appearance of your nose will continue to change for up to one year after your initial surgery.

    In revision rhinoplasty work, many of the pieces of the puzzle needed to construct the perfect nose are already missing. A great deal of improvement can usually be achieved by moving remaining cartilages around inside the nose and borrowing cartilage from other places such as behind the ear. Also, scar tissue may have developed inside of the nose and normal nasal anatomy may have become distorted so be careful to find a surgeon skilled in revision rhinoplasty because each subsequent procedure performed on your nose can become more difficult than the one before.

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