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    Combined Procedures

    Deep wrinkles around the outer corner of the eyes (crow’s feet) that extend onto the temple are not greatly affected by upper eyelid surgery. These types of problems are best treated with BOTOX and/or laser resurfacing. Dark circles and/or “bags” underneath the eyes need to be addressed with lower eyelid surgery and/or facial fat grafting. It is very common for patients to perform upper and lower eyelid surgery at the same time (termed a “Quad” Blepharoplasty).

    Prior to any possible every upper eyelid surgery, the position of the forehead (brow) must be evaluated since its descent with aging can lead to exacerbation of upper eyelid hooding that is often a complaint of patients also seeking upper eyelid surgery. If the forehead has begun to droop with age, it must be addressed by a browlift prior to upper eyelid surgery in order to create a balanced and natural look after surgery. If the brow is not properly addressed prior to upper eyelid surgery, too much upper eyelid skin can be removed which can actually pull the brow downward and worsen upper eyelid hooding. It is critical that you eyelid surgeon is aware of this fact and discusses it with you while planning any possible surgery on your upper eyelids if you expect to have a rested, natural appearance after surgery. A browlift also relaxes the muscles of your brow (forehead creases) and the muscles in between your eyes (the “11’s”) (which can also be accomplished with properly administered BOTOX as well). Lastly, upper eyelid surgery can be combined with any other facial rejuvenation surgery such as a facelift, facial fat grafting and laser skin resurfacing in order to help create a more natural, balanced appearance of the face when necessary.

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