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    Breast Implant Shape

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    Breast implants come in a variety of shapes, sizes and contours. Although the actual dimensions of the implants may vary slightly between the two, both silicone and saline implants are manufactured in similar profiles and contours. The profile of implant refers to its relative height compared to its volume, e.g., the higher the profile of an implant, the taller the implant is for a given volume.  All of the profiles listed below are round in shape except for the high profile silicone implants which have a more gum-drop appearance. Contour/anatomic/teardrop shaped implants are not typically recommended for use in breast augmentation because they can rotate after insertion and they typically come with a textured shell which cannot be repositioned without additional surgery.  Additionally, teardrop-shaped implants do not add much fullness to the upper breast mound and they do not take on a natural flat appearance when a patient lies down. On the other hand, smooth, round gel-filled implants are adaptable because they can take on a tear-dropped shape when the patient is in a standing position and a more natural, flattened appearance when the patient is lying down.

    Moderate Profile These are the lowest profile implants which means they have the least projection for a given diameter, (i.e., they are low and wide). These are typically used in patients that desire only a “moderate” or small increase in breast volume.

    Moderate Plus Profile These are the medium height implants that have a greater amount of projection for a given base diameter than the moderate profile breast implants and less projection than the high profile breast implants.

    High Profile These are the tall implants that have a lot of projection for a small base diameter. High profile implants can pack a lot of volume into a small base diameter and they are therefore often used to create the largest breasts for a given beast diameter.

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