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    Breast Implants Exchange Overview

    Breast Implants Exchange OverviewBreast Implants Exchange Overview

    Breast Augmentation is one of the five most popular forms of plastic surgery. Individuals contemplating breast augmentation or who have had breast implants inserted should be aware that while breast implants have an extensive life cycle, after 10 to 15 years, it might be necessary to replace the implants. The breast implants exchange surgery may also be required in case of a rupture (very rare), distortion due to capsular contracture or if a larger or smaller implant is desired.

    What you need to know about the cosmetic surgery

    The Breast Implant Exchange is relatively painless and short cosmetic surgery, wherein, the cosmetic surgeon removes the old implants and replaces them with new ones. Patients can also elect for breast implant exchange to increase or decrease of implant size, change the type of implants –silicone gel implants to saline implants or vice versa, replace old implants or permanently remove the breast implants. Whichever the reason, the process for this plastic surgery is the same.

    The cosmetic surgeon uses the previous augmentation incision to expose the breast implant pocket. In case of a rupture of a silicon gel implant, he will remove the implant, use sponges to absorb the gel before replacing the implant. If a saline implant ruptures, the implant is simply removed and replaced as the body absorbs the saline.

    In case of increased or decrease implant size, the plastic surgeon conducts a bi-manual exam to detect for tumors and then replaces the implant. Similarly, if the patient desires permanent removal of the breast implant, the implant is removed, the bi-manual exam is conducted and the incision is sealed.

    The cosmetic surgery takes approximately an hour and is conducted under anesthesia.

    Caring – Before and after

    Elective plastic surgery is still surgery and care must be taken before and after the operation. The plastic surgeon will provide you with a list of precautions and certain pre-operation medications. To enhance the healing process and minimize risks, patients should adhere to the doctor’s advice.

    According to prominent Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie, most plastic surgeons will recommend and take the following precautions before and after Breast Implant Exchange:

    Before Plastic Surgery

    • Prescribe prednisone and vitamin E as a pre operative counter measure to capsular contracture.
    • Counsel smokers to quit smoking before surgery to enhance healing and recovery.
    • Recommend delaying the surgery in case of chest wall radiation after mastectomy as radiation can cause affected tissues to stiffen and cause capsular contracture.

    During Plastic Surgery

    • Conduct a bi-manual exam to detect for tumors.
    • Apply Alloderm to the implant pocket during surgery to reduce scar tissue build up.

    After Plastic Surgery

    • Monitor your post surgery progress in-clinic for up to two hours.
    • Recommend smokers not to smoker immediately after the surgery as it will impede the healing and recovery process.
    • Recommend only light activities until the implant settles.

    In conclusion, while no elective cosmetic surgery is completely without risks, breast implant exchange is quick and low risk. It allows you to upgrade your implants to new and safer FDA approved implants easily. It allows you to exchange one implant type for another to get a better look and feel. It even enables you to restore your body to its natural physique.

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