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    Breast Implants Exchange Cost

    Breast Implants Exchange Cost

    Breast Implants Exchange Cost

    Breast Implants Exchange Cost

    Breast Implant Exchange surgery is a type of plastic surgery that individuals who have had their physique altered using Breast Augmentation surgery (increase breast size with breast implants) might undergo. During breast implant exchange surgery, the breast implants inserted into the breast muscle pocket can replaced or removed. This form of cosmetic surgery can take place due to necessity or as further elective cosmetic surgery.

    About the surgery

    Patients also opt for Breast Implant Exchange surgery to replace the implant type – silicone to saline or vice versa to change the look or feel of the breast, to increase or decrease of implant size or to permanently remove the breast implant. Breast Implant Exchange cosmetic surgery might also become necessary in case of distortion of the breast implant or capsular contracture after the original augmentation operation.

    Breast Implant Exchange surgery is a relatively low risk plastic surgery, which requires minimal time and post-operative care.

    During the surgery, the cosmetic surgery reopens the incision from the original surgery and removes the implant. Typically, a bi-manual exam to check for tumors is conducted before the new implant is inserted into the same pocket. In case of a rupture, he cleans the implant pocket using sponges before inserting the new implant and closing the incision.

    The Breast Implant Exchange is a simple cosmetic surgery that takes approximately 45-60 minutes with 2 hours or less post operative monitoring. Patients will experience minimal discomfort or pain, which is managed easily using ibuprofen or Tylenol. Light activities for two weeks after the surgery are also recommended to allow the implant to settle.

    How much do you need to spend cosmetic surgery

    Cosmetic Surgery does not have a fixed fee structure. The amount payable varies from patient to patient and surgeon to surgeon. Even the location of the operation might cause fluctuation in costs. The three main causes behind cost variations:

    • Cosmetic Surgeon: There are many cosmetic surgeons or plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Los Angeles. Cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Gary Motykie who is well known within the field for his skills attract a larger client base. This makes it more difficult to get a consultation appointment and commands a higher fee for his expertise.
    • Operation Facilities: Consultation fees aside, the cost of cosmetic surgery also includes the cost of operation facilities and the cost of anesthesia. Depending on the facility chosen, the cost of plastic surgery may be modest or expensive. (Breast Implant Exchange is elective surgery and might not be included under the health insurance policy.)
    • Implants: There are a selection of breast implant types that vary in softness and suppleness. The type of implant chosen also changes the end cost of the cosmetic surgery. For example, silicone gel implants costly than saline implants.

    To summarize, breast implant exchange is extremely affordable, whether the surgery is a necessity or to further enhance your physique. Spend time researching your options before selecting your cosmetic surgeon. Every decision – the skill of the cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon, the type of implant, the exclusivity of the clinic or hospital and the cost of the anesthesia will affect the end sum payable for the surgery.

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