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    Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery Steps

    Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery StepsMore than five million of breast augmentation plastic surgery procedures have been performed over the last two decades, and it currently ranks as the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the US. A number of steps are involved in the breast augmentation procedure, which will be discussed by the surgeon during the pre-operative consultation.

    The patient should have a reasonable understanding of the procedure and make informed choices. They should also review procedure related photos or videos, if possible. Dr. Gary Motykie is a leading cosmetic surgeon providing breast augmentation to patients in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and surrounding locations.



    Breast augmentation plastic surgery is usually performed with the patient under general anesthesia. IV or inhaled sedatives will be used to place the patient under deep sleep until the surgery is completed. After the procedure is over, the patient will be brought out of the anesthesia.

    She will be groggy and tired for a few hours and may experience temporary side effects such as nausea, dizziness, headache, shivering and sore throat. In exceptional cases, the surgeon may use local anesthesia and a conscious sedative to keep the patient awake but relaxed during breast implant procedure.


    Placing the Incisions

    Following anesthesia, the cosmetic surgeon will make an incision either in the breast crease, the armpit, the perimeter of the areola, or the navel. Discreet placement of the incisions is important in order to minimize scarring. The surgeon will discuss about incision placement with the patient during the pre-op consultation when the surgical plan is being finalized.


    Implant Placement

    Breast implants will be placed in the breast pockets created through the incisions. The implants can be positioned in front of the pectoral muscle and directly behind the breast tissue or under the pectoral muscle. The invasiveness of the surgery will vary in both cases, and the surgeon will make an appropriate recommendation based on the patient’s aesthetic preferences and her breast anatomy.


    Closing the Incisions

    Following implant positioning, the surgeon will close the incisions carefully with sutures. Removable or absorbable sutures may be used as per the surgeon’s choice. Traditional sutures will be removed in about one week to 10 days after the surgery. Absorbable sutures will dissolve and disappear on their own.

    The area around the stitches must be kept clean during the recovery phase in order to minimize the risk of infection. The incision site should not be submerged in water as far as possible, and dirt should not come in contact with the area. Vigorous activities and exercises should be avoided initially in order to prevent the pulling of the sutures.


    Drains and Bandages

    The incision area will be wrapped in bandages and drains will be placed below the skin in the incision area following breast augmentation. The patient will be fitted with a surgical bra that will provide support during the first few weeks. Dr. Motykie receives patients from Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nearby areas for breast augmentation and various other surgical and non-surgical procedures.


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    Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery Steps

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