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What to Expect During Renuva Injections?

Renuva Injections Renuva Adipose Matrix is one of the latest and highly promising treatments for skin rejuvenation for patients who want to avoid plastic surgery. The procedure works similar to a dermal filler injection, and can produce very effective skin enhancement and volumizing outcomes in the treated areas. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Motykie … Continue reading

Who is a Good Candidate for Renuva Skin Care Treatment?

Renuva Skin Care Treatment The skin is the single most defining factor to influence an individual’s aesthetic appearance. As a person ages, the skin starts losing its natural elasticity and suppleness and this is for everyone – it does not matter what sex or race you are either. Loss of skin volume and sagginess in … Continue reading

BTL EXILIS Fat Removal and Tightening Before and After Photos

BTL EXILIS Before and After Photos The BTL EXILIS cosmetic enhancement procedure is one of the most innovative and unique treatments that simultaneously delivers RF and ultrasound energy to produce desirable outcomes without involving plastic surgery. During the pre-op consultation, the treatment provider will educate the patient about all aspects of the procedure. Some providers … Continue reading

How much does BTL EXILIS Fat Removal and Tightening Cost?

BTL EXILIS Fat Removal and Tightening  BTL EXILIS is a unique procedure that combines the energy of both RF and ultrasound to create safe and aesthetically appealing body contouring and skin tightening results. It is ideally suited for people who wish to avoid plastic surgery. During the initial consultation, the treatment provider will discuss the … Continue reading

How Does Renuva Adipose Matrix Injectable Skin Care Treatment Work?

Aging and other factors can lead the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, emergence of cellulite, and loss of skin volume in various areas of the body. Although plastic surgery procedures can effectively improve skin appearance and mitigate the effects of aging, some patients may want to avoid invasive treatments and seek simpler, in-office non-surgical … Continue reading

Choose The Best Breast Reduction Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills

Breast reduction plastic surgery procedure is not just about reducing the size of the breasts, but also about creating a natural looking new shape, providing better proportion, and maintaining symmetry between the breasts. The procedure can also help to correct back, neck, and shoulder related discomfort arising due to heavy breasts. Patients should select a … Continue reading

Your Breast Reduction Surgery Consultation

An in-depth consultation process will create a strong foundation for the breast reduction body contouring plastic surgery. During the consultation, the patient will have an opportunity to learn about various key aspects of the breast reduction procedure as well as the surgeon’s practice. She should feel free to ask questions directly to the surgeon and … Continue reading

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